Tristan Rice

Software Engineer - ML Infra, Modeling, Security


CSSS Exam Database

This uses webscraping and machine learning to automatically find past exams/practice materials and classify them by class, year and type.

As the webmaster and VP Communications for the Computer Science Student Society I spent a lot of time updating the site this past year. I designed a web app from the ground up to replace the old “database”. The old database was merely a bunch of Drupal pages with manually uploaded files. During my time as webmaster, I received exactly zero of these. Check out the new exam database! Reddit Post

Hugo: Multiple List Views and Grids

Yesterday, I decided to take a shot at rewriting the University of British Columbia’s Technical Career Fair (UBC TCF) website in Hugo. The TCF is one of the many events that the UBC Computer Science Student Society puts on every year and there’s been a day-of website for a number of years to allow companies to find their booths and students to find out about the companies. The old site was written in a combination of Django and Python and had a small admin interface.