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Software Engineer - ML Infra, Modeling, Security

CSSS Exam Database

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This uses webscraping and machine learning to automatically find past exams/practice materials and classify them by class, year and type.

As the webmaster and VP Communications for the Computer Science Student Society I spent a lot of time updating the site this past year. I designed a web app from the ground up to replace the old “database”. The old database was merely a bunch of Drupal pages with manually uploaded files. During my time as webmaster, I received exactly zero of these.

Check out the new exam database! Reddit Post

I built this using Go. All of the exams are found using a custom webscraper. It can scrape all of the UBC CS websites, as well as Piazza and the files available on the department undergrad servers.

On a side note: While scraping I found numerous unsecured files including hundreds of completed student exams with names, student numbers and grades. These were responsibly disclosed to the UBC CS department.

Once I had the files, I built an interface for viewing files to classify them by year, term, class, type, and sample. Once I had enough initial data, I fed this into the Google Prediction API. I initially was working with using a custom classifier, but it performed significantly (10%+) worse than the out of the box solution. This was then used to classify the remaining files for display on the website.

Since the new site was fully interactive, I was also able to add an upload form for students to upload exams that aren’t publicly available.

Here’s some screenshots for your viewing.


CPSC 121 Course Page

Unclassified Files

Upload Form

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