Tristan Rice

Software Engineer - ML Infra


UBC Homework


This is the website, registration and check-in system for nwHacks 2017.

View the write-up of the 2017 tech stack.

Comic Starship

A better comic viewer for Comic Rocket.

Consensus Slides

This is a tool designed to allow people to determine engagement during a lecture or presentation.

UPass Renewer

Renew your UPass automatically every month!

Fic Recommend

A FanFiction story recommendation service.

CSSS Exam Database

This uses webscraping and machine learning to automatically find past exams/practice materials and classify them by class, year and type.

As the webmaster and VP Communications for the Computer Science Student Society I spent a lot of time updating the site this past year. I designed a web app from the ground up to replace the old “database”. The old database was merely a bunch of Drupal pages with manually uploaded files. During my time as webmaster, I received exactly zero of these. Check out the new exam database! Reddit Post

Open Tetris Arena

An open source webrtc based implementation of Tetris Arena

WebRTC Lobby

A lobby service for webrtc.

UBC Campus Map

A interactive map for UBC.


SkeletonDB is a lock-less thread safe in memory MVCC store written in Go.

URL Shortener

A sketchy URL shortener that uses keywords from selectable lists.


A color temperature setting library and CLI that operates in a similar way to f.lux and Redshift.


degdb: distributed economic graph database

WebSync is a document editing tool similar to Google Drive or Office 365.


An interactive REPL for Go that allows you to drop into your code at any point.