Tristan Rice

Software Engineer - ML Infra updates! Finally!

2 Minutes 400 Words

I finally got some free time since my midterms are over, and I decided to work on I fixed a couple of bugs such as fixing file export.

I also decided to update the overall visual style and update the format of the file list page. The previous style was pretty terrible and just an HTML table. The newer version is pretty much the same thing but looks a bit more like an actual file manager.

This is a work in progress, but I think it is much better from a usability standpoint. It also will allow me to more easily update it to use JSON for directory navigation and add copy/paste functions.

I also started working on implementing chart support for tables. The current implementation can only create non-persistent line charts, but it should be straightforward to fix that.

These charts are implemented using Chart.js. Chart.js is a great library for simple HTML5 charts. The only draw back is that it uses canvas, thus on non native zoom levels it can create blurry charts. It also doesn’t respond well to being resized, but that should be trivial to fix. One of the biggest benefits of Chart.JS is that it provides a wide range of chart types with very similar input formats. That should make it easy to expand beyond line charts. Another great feature is that it provides interactivity straight out of the box. This means there are helpful tooltips at each point that provide the exact value of the data points.

The charts.js implementation only requires the tables.js module. This means that it should work on every document type that supports inline tables (which is all of them). A future feature would be to have charts without a table, which would be useful in a presentation. A work around would be to create the chart, save the canvas image and delete the table.

Anyway, it felt really good to get some work on I had been neglecting it for too long due to a heavy freshman work load. Hopefully, I’ll continue to have time to work on it but I have a bunch of lab exams and finals in the next few weeks so no guarantees.