Tristan Rice

Software Engineer - ML Infra Equation Support

1 Minutes 200 Words

I’ve implemented basic =eqn() support in WebSync. Right now it just executes some javascript if the text in the cell starts with =. I’ve also added in one helper function that returns the value of the cell in the format c("A1").

We’ll see how this goes. I’m extremely hesitant to allow people to run untrusted javascript code on people’s browsers. I might have to add in a “This document uses untrusted javascript, are you willing to accept any consequences?” on page load. A lot of the damage the untrusted script might do is mitigated by the backend. WebSync by default refuses all XHR requests except to specific endpoints. This should stop all attempts to damage other documents if they’re using a browser that properly implements XHR headers (which, as far as I know, is all of them).