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Software Engineer - ML Infra

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I'm Tristan Rice; Software Engineer and ML Infra specialist.


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CSSS Exam Database

This uses webscraping and machine learning to automatically find past exams/practice materials and classify them by class, year and type.

As the webmaster and VP Communications for the Computer Science Student Society I spent a lot of time updating the site this past year. I designed a web app from the ground up to replace the old “database”. The old database was merely a bunch of Drupal pages with manually uploaded files. During my time as webmaster, I received exactly zero of these. Check out the new exam database! Reddit Post

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Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Software Modes

This is a follow up to Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Internal API. As part of reverse engineering the Tesla Model 3 internals, I’ve been running a subset of the CID car services to see how they work. The car computers are using Intel Atom based processors so it’s easy to setup a chroot to launch the services. I’ve written two helper scripts to set up the car environment:

Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Internal API

This is a follow up to Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Security Overview. This is a technical description of all the internal services I’ve found and notes about how they work. All of these services described are normally unaccessible due to seceth and firewall rules. Hosts cid ice ic gw ap ape lb ap-b ape-b tuner modem Tuner isn’t present on newer Model 3s as the AM/FM radio has been removed.

Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Security Overview

See the follow up at Hacking my Tesla Model 3 - Internal API. I recently got a Tesla Model 3 and since I’m a huge nerd I’ve been spending a lot of time poking at the systems and trying to reverse engineer/figure out how to root my car. I work on Machine Learning infrastructure so I’d love to be able to take a deep look at how autopilot/FSD works under the hood and what it can actually do beyond what limited information the UI shows.

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