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Software Engineer and Student

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I'm Tristan Rice; Software Engineer and student at the University of British Columbia.


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Running Untrusted Code in a Secure Docker Container from Scratch

As part of we need to be able to run Tensorflow within a secure environment since a running Tensorflow model can do pretty much anything it wants to the host system. For ease of deployment, we’d also like to be able to use Docker since it provides nice sandboxing support and ability to limit resources used by the container. We’d also like for the container to not be able to do anything other than run models.

nwHacks Machine Learning

I’ve been doing a bunch of work during my internship with Machine Learning models so I figured I take a crack at applying them to some of my personal projects. Just for fun I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to train a model on the registration, check-in and submission data for nwHacks. I decided to use Hector, a suite of algorithms completely written in Go since that’s what most of the nwHacks tooling is written in.

UBC Food Safety

A couple of my friends got food poisoning eating at places in the village in the past month or so. I decided to do some digging and find out which places have the best food safety records. To my horror, pretty much every place has food safety violations on campus.

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